The Culture Lobby, 2009.

International photo exhibitiona, installation and book promotion, Montenegro, Serbia, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Albania, Macedonia and Kosovo, 2010.

In cooperation with NVO Kiosk Beograd and NVO ProStory Podgorica

Authors: Lazar Pejovic – Dusko Miljanic

Seven arts organizations throughout the Western Balkans collaborated intensely throughout 200 in an exchange of local artist whose task it was to talk to random citizens in the cities, towns and villages of a participating country that was not their own. Everyone was asked the same question: What do you think will change or disappear in your everyday life when your country joins the European Union? The answers collected, photographed and displayed are intended as a barometer of the concerns, fears and aspirations of the citizens of this region, who – through their participation – contributed to the creation of an alternative cultural history as an artwork in itself.

“If we focus the view on Bosnia and Herzegovina, the situation becomes even more complex and paradoxical with regard to the banal direct parallelisms, reflecting the crisis of the political constellation of the European Union itself. For example, the answer: “By joining the EU, huge and inefficient state administration that just sits in the offices and does nothing will disappear…”, is only a mild illustration of this potential parallelism. This response was logged in the Bosnian town of Travnik, illustrated by an office table with computer screen on which is displayed an open game of solitaire.

Playing cards, gambling or “killing” time, waiting (during the siege of Sarajevo, I used to know haw to play solitaire in 17 different ways, aut. note) without a direct association to the inefficient administration is the association of the “fate” itself of the B&H state."

Asja Hafner