Sky Net, 2002/2006.

Personal exhibition, Atelier Josefa Sudka 29.06. – 03.09.2006., Prague
Analogue photography, black and white hand made prints, 18x24cm, 20x30cm, 30x30cm, 60x60cm, 30x45cm

“In most of the photos the baskets are empty and the courts are devoid of players and onlookers. Deserted against their back-drops, they seem like artifacts, symbols or even symptoms. Nonetheless, the presence of the human factor is intense; it’s imprinted in the form of the baskets and the landscapes they’re installed in. the photographs evoke in us the fingerprints of the people who made the hoops and the courts. The story intensifies and the result is a metaphor of the game as such. A game in which the photographer seeks out the hidden absurdity of the different places where you can put a hoop and play basketball; he explores the limits of the possible and the impossible, the character of a set of places and the people who live there. Like a basketball player, he scores; the game goes on and we watch…

Maybe this all has to do, just a bit, with the record of the former Yugoslavia’s basketball team? (winner the European championships in Barcelona 1973, in Belgrade in 1975, in Zagreb in 1989 and in Rome in 1991; and of the world championships in Ljubljana in 1970, in Manila in 1978, in Buenos Aires in 1990 and at the 1980 Moscow Olympics)."

Vjera Borozan