Identities, 2006.

Solo exhibition, Centre for culture Tivat

Gallery Buca, jun/jul 2007.

Photo series from Prague 2006.

Analogue photography, black and white hand made prints, 80x30cm

The photography series of the city, originated during the short stay in Prague, representing the illustration of artist reaction to the new, unfamiliar ambience, which was acquainted and interpreted at the same time, through the photography.

Author doesn’t ask for better angle, proper light, doesn’t anticipating situation – ho does not take a hunter position (Bresson) who is controlling, abstracting, discovering,…

Hi picks his cadres which intrude themselves in the squeeze with street life, which gives certain freshness and unassuming to the photography.

Although by nature “unstudied” (because of mentioned method as so as technical specifications of camera with rotation of objective which imposes different limitations, especially concerning of organization of cadres) with directly and instinctive reaction of the photographer, in those images looms up deeply meaning layers and hidden faces of the city and its habitants. To that effect this photography series can be observed as a process – encounter, introduction, acceptation and fraternization between city and artist that through this work, becomes spiritual habitant of Prague.

Master of photography

Lazar Pejovic