According to DavID, 2012.

According to DavID (Life after David) is a photo story from the documentary of the same name (author: Dusko Miljanic)

  • 3rd Rolling film festival – Pristina, Kosovo, 2012.
  • 16th Motovun Film Festival – Motovun, Istra, Croatia, 2013.
  • Videodrum II – Film festival & panel discussion, Salzburg, Austria, 2013.
  • Festival of tolerance 7th Zagreb jewish film festival – Zagreb, Croatia, 2014.
  • Film festival FROM – Mali Idjos, Serbia, 2017.
  • Online Roma cinema resource center 2017.
  • Bronze plaquette for video “According to DavID”, 5th Roma Life – Central European Documentary Festival, Bem Art Cinema, Budapest, Hungary, 2012.
  • AWARD for PHOTOGRAPHY in film - 9th Roma Film Festival “Golden wheel” – film “Accordnig to DavID”, Cinematheque of Macedonia, Skopje, 2012.

This is the story of David, a Roma boy, described through one of his ordinary days, which has been repeated for years ... David is an orphan. I have been living alone for years in various locations, and at the time of writing this essay he was living in an abandoned caravan.

Trying not to think much about "childhood memories", peer violence and racial intolerance, David deals with various things in life. He likes to write poetry, make wooden objects, take photos, read, help as he says "weaker than himself", hold workshops for children with disabilities, help poor children ...

Lack of basic means of livelihood (lives in a caravan, performs hygiene in various open bathrooms, eats in the soup kitchen ...), lack of a warm family home, daily harassment and ignoring by various persons and institutions, failed to kill David creativity and desire for beauty. It was, in fact, his departure from everyday life, an escape into his fairy tale. It was these life moments, contradictions and incompatibilities, that inspired me to make a film and a photo story about this really interesting person.

Through a series of about twenty photos, I showed one ordinary day, David’s routine. As you can experience from photos, there is not much to show and say, because that is exactly what he really is - a day without a lot of stress, upheaval, new information, capitalist madness, smartphones ... Just such a melancholic atmosphere from a series of photos , conveys in the right way the emotion and mental state of David.

David Sejdović was born on August 30, 1985, on Savski Venac in Belgrade. Immediately after his birth, he was placed in the orphanage "Mladost" in Bijela, where he grew up and finished primary school.

Then he acquired secondary education in Podgorica, finished catering school. After graduating from high school, he lives independently. As a child, he showed a penchant for art, engaged in the manufacture and sale of wooden handicrafts, wrote poetry, and lately has shown an interest in photography. During 2012, several of his photographs were exhibited in Belgrade as part of a photo / video workshop.

He is often involved in volunteerism, organizes workshops at school with children with disabilities "1. June ”in Podgorica, where he helps children feel at least a little better or as he says“ more special and less with needs ”. Growing up in a harsh environment without a lot of love, now that he has reached emotional maturity, he is trying to give those children what he lacked in childhood, the attention and love we all desperately need.

Through an unusual childhood in the home, poetry sends his view of the world from an angle that no child should have. He conveys his message with songs that send one message - love is needed by everyone and it is selfish to keep it to yourself, and even worse to deny it to someone.