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CETINJE, JULY 22, 2012 — Prominent Paralympic athletes Marijana Goranovic and Ilija Tadic together with the wife of the UN General Secretary Ban Ki-moon Mrs. Ban Soon-teak, Minister of Culture Branislav Micunovic, UNICEF Montenegro Representative Benjamin Perks, Mayor of Cetinje Aleksandar Bogdanovic and Deputy Minister of Education and Sport Vesna Vucurovic launched the ”It’s About Ability” campaign TV commercial for 2012 promoting sports for all children.
The campaign’s new TV commercial shows two prominent Montenegrin athletes with disability Marijana Goranovic and Ilija Tadic. Marijana will represent Montenegro and compete with the world’s best paralympics athletes at the London 2012 Paralympics Games in September.

UNICEF Montenegro, It’s about ability campaign
Paraolympics Montenegro
production Puzzle doo
Screenplay, Camera, DOP – Dusko Miljanic
Assistents – Dalibor Sevaljevic, Ivan Djokovic
Make Up – Zana Cetkovic
Lighting – Kaco Kovacevic
Editing – Igor Bakic iBaka
Actors – Marijana Goranovic, Ilija Tadic
Thanx to Valentina Tadic, Igor Tomic
Making off photography: dalibor sevaljevic
links for video

New award for film “According to DavID”, festival in Skopje Golden Wheel 2012, award for photography!!!

1. Music: Ambra’s life (Italy, 2009) Nuove Tribu Zulu,

2. Photography: According to David (Montenegro, 2012) Dusko Miljanic- Ivan Gjokovic

3. Screenplay: My beloved Sulukule (Turkey, 2010) Nejla Oseiran

4. Director: Three cents (Austria-Bulgaria, 2004) Uli Gladik

5. Documentary movie: Rubber Mallet (Hungary, 2010) Screenplay: Koszegi Edit-Suranyi Andras; Director: Koszegi Edit; Producer: Veszi Janos

6. Grand Prix: Women (re) present (The Czech Republic, 2011) Director: Marketa Neslehova; Producer: Jelena Silajdzic- Jakub Cervenka

Documentary movie “According to DavID” was awarded with bronze plaque on an International documentary movie festival “Roma life” in Budapest. The premiere of the movie was in a Bem Art cinema in Budapest where the award winning ceremony was held. Ten days after movie was again formally shown in “Golden wheel” festival in Skopje Macedonia. Puzzle Production 2012, Dusko Miljanic, Ivan Djokovic

03-04 of April 2012

 Cinematheque of Macedonia-Skopje

April 3RD 2012 


April 4th 2012
19:00   Opening of the Ninth Golden Wheel Roma Film Festival  9:30    Movie screening
           Legacy (Austria)
                 Movies screening            Different speeches (Russia)
           Three cents (Austria-Bulgaria)
         –  The Recyclator   (Republic of Macedonia)
         –  Women (re) present (Czech Republic)
11:45  Movie screening
            Ceremony of giving the festival awards
           Poor as I am (Kosovo)
           According to DavID (Montenegro)
            Cocktail            Global heating: The source (Kosovo)
           My beloved Sulukule (Turkey)
           Ambra’s life (Italy)
           Never back home (Kosovo)
           On the seventh day (Hungary)
           Undesirable (Serbia)
           Roma health mediators (Macedonia)
            The three sisters (Hungary)
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