Vanja Jovicevic fitness

One very unusual photo shoot and a new challenge for me and my team. The idea was to photograph the young actress Vanja Jovićević and show her talent in martial arts. Vanja has been playing kickboxing for years and the task was to show it as an additional skill with great acting, playing and singing, which we have done before. After consultations and an agreement with Vanja in which direction the photography should go, we determined the location (Star Fitness gym - thank you), time and other details. It was very challenging, and then very difficult to find the right expression, move away from the classic photographic reportage, make a step forward and something different. I think we finally succeeded, we enriched Vanja’s portfolio of talents. Organizer Jelena Miljanić, make-up artist and mask Milka Stojanović, assistant Krsto Vulović, retoucher Zoran Radonjić. Thanks Milos for the smoke machine. Thank you people for everything.