The first twenty years

Authors of the Exhibition

Duško Miljanić, Radoje Milić, Krsto Vulović, Aleksandar Kaluđević, Stevan Kordić, Zoran Radonjić
Development, originality, viability, changes and flexibility – attributes that have accompanied the KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days International Festival for the past twenty years, can be grasped through a retrospective exhibition of selected photographs from the Festival program. At the same time, the exhibition speaks of the unique atmosphere of artistic events, the authentic ambiences of Kotor and Boka and social responsibility. The exhibition will remind you of some of the most prominent and influential names in art music, as well as jazz, rock, evergreen and other popular genres, along with some of the upcoming talents who appeared at the Festival. The exhibition includes more than twenty photographs by Duško Miljanić, Radoje Milić, Krsto Vulović, Aleksandar Kaluđerović, Stevan Kordić and Zoran Radonjić, who permanently captured and evoked some of the recollections of the first two decades of KotorArt’s existence. 

Selector of the Exhibition: Duško Miljanić 

The International KotorArt Festival is one of the largest and most important art festivals in the country and the region. Focused primarily on art music, KotorArt has been enriching the cultural offer of Kotor and Montenegro for two decades, making the town and the country globally recognized for the top artistic and production quality of cultural programs. Every summer, the Festival gathers an impressive number of international artists and with its programs at numerous venues in Kotor and throughout Boka attracts tens of thousands of visitors. KotorArt Don Branko’s Music Days are the forerunner of today’s KotorArt Festival, which was founded as a music festival by pianist Ratimir Martinović and Don Branko Sbutega in 2002, and currently they represent the largest program segment of the unified KotorArt. With the vision of Kotor as a cultural center of Montenegro and the region, and an important component in the European cultural space, the Festival implements programs of high artistic quality, unique and original concepts, which are strongly connected with the local community and local cultural legacy, often intertwined with other fields and social issues. 

Photos from the exhibitions by Aleksandar Kaludjerovic Salkal