Studio portraits

Portrait is a very important genre in my work. I have been an associate of all theaters in Montenegro for many years, so I often work with actresses and actors. Inquiries for portrait thematic photography are always a new challenge, where I get the space to express myself through technical to some so-called art photography. Everything is individual and depends on the moment of shooting, the joint energy and the moment of creativity. For this type of photo shooting, I always choose a large studio at our Faculty of Applied Arts in Cetinje - FLU Cetinje. Of the equipment, I always use 85mm f1.4 and 50mm f1.4 lenses, and Broncolor light with all its light accessories. The final product is always a matter of agreement and the need for various applications of photography. In this set, I would like to thank Lara, Una, Maša, Emir and Miloš for their cooperation, and my associates Milka for her help with make-up and hair, and Jelena for her help in organizing the shooting.