Promotion of the book "Faces of My Time"

The long-awaited promotion of the book "Faces of My Time" took place on August 6, 2021 in the Summer House of the "Buća" atrium in Tivat. I would like to thank the organizers who are also the publishers of this book to the Center for Culture Tivat, then the Ministry of Culture and the Municipal Secretariat for Culture who supported this complete project (photo exhibition and book printing). Many thanks to everyone who came and gave support, thanks to Lazar Pejović and Dubravka Drakić for participating in the presentation. It was a pleasure and an honor to be on stage, on this side of the stage and talk about my project. Now with a time distance of one year, I am very proud of everything I have done and a big thank you to all my collaborators for their wholehearted help and faith in this artwork.

Photo: Miko Djuricic and Vlado Trapara