Photography for poster

This month, on the repertoire of the Montenegrin National Theater premiered the play "Youth without God", based on the text by Eden von Horvat, and directed by Tara Manić. Huge ensemble of actors (Miloš Pejović, Mirko Vlahović, Danilo Čelebić, Dubravka Drakić, Slobodan Marunović, Jovan Dabović, Dragan Račić, Branka Otašević, Aleksandar Radulović, Andrea Mugoša, Tihana Ćulafić, Vukan Pejović, Nikola Perišić, Slavko Kalezić, Slaviša Grubiša, as and acting students of the Faculty of Dramatic Arts from Cetinje Pavle Bogojević, Milo Perović, Matija Memedović, Miloš Kašćelan, Una Lučić and Stefan Vuković), big scenography, a new challenge for me. This time, one thing in my work was different, and that is the task of how to solve the poster of the project according to the instructions of the young director. As always we had very short time, one meeting in the theater where we exchanged opinions, expressed views and decided what to do next. There is usually no time, so everything was very urgent, and the weather conditions did not go well, it rained for days. Immediately the next day I went to search for locations, due to problems with time and additional restrictions around the team that should be on the location, I searched only the location near the hill Gorica and fortunately, I found the winning location very quickly. I did a couple of sketches on the spot, measured the light, looked at the forecast for Saturday morning and organized everything. I sent the photos of the sketches to the director to decide together whether this is what we were talking about.

On Saturday morning, around 7 in the morning, the team was on the location, actor Pavle, make-up artist Milka, producer Srđa, director Tara, assistant Krsto and me. We did a couple of rehearsals and very quickly made a decision on how and what to do next. Milka finished her part of the job, applied makeup and a mask, and then I did whatever it took to have the photo for further application. Based on the set frame, the light was measured, Krsto added Broncolor Siros 800L from the position of the sun, so we got completely natural shadows and illuminated parts of the photo. The photo already looked like what we were going to get after the production, which was not demanding and Zoan helped me a lot. Thanks again to everyone for helping us get what we set out to do!