Exhibition of photographs with motifs of Montenegro

June, 2021


In the hotel "Chedi" and within the tourist complex "Lustica Bay", at the beginning of June this year, an exhibition of a sales character with motifs of Montenegro was set up. It is a small selection of different atmospheres, situations and formats from my collection, which includes over 50,000 photographs of the whole of Montenegro, people, customs, festivals, monuments and cultural heritage. The photographs selected for this type of exhibition are targeted at a more tourist character and purposely made in different formats (65x70, 95x95, 100x80, 100x150, 150x130 and 160x160cm). The photos are printed on a photo canvas on a high quality photo printer, and equipped very simply and elegantly in accordance with the aesthetics of the space in which they are exhibited. Prices range from € 350.00 to € 800.00. Welcome.