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The traditional multimedia project from Expoart.40 titled “Save-as” captures the theme of the total chaos of our public facilities in aesthetic theme, and as well in functional, ethic and moral terms.

Net/Rrjet comes with a new concept where contemporary artists in various art media as in drawing, painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation art can express their concerns particularly on this topic.


This multimedia project is realized in collaboration with contemporary artists selected by introducing and affirming artistic values in general and with new visions… These works of art are an opportunity for investigation and exploration, a provocation to explore new ideas and perspectives, a chance to learn something new, and in invitation to develop a personal sense of meaning and of understanding the topic chosen especially for this edition… Artistic concern for preservation of the environment’s and society’s values and also improving the education, information and social transformation processes of our society.

Realization of this annual exhibition aims to bring together successful artists of local and international contemporary arts scene in a joint exhibition, which will treat in a special way the concept provided by Visual Art curators, by bringing and presenting their artistic works from their perspective, and then participating in the debate on raising awareness about the phenomenon on the environment, urban planning and collective hygiene. Which has a lot of affects the spiritual and moral chaos in the society.

 Expo art 40. As in previous editions we plan to publish the catalogue of exhibition, to organise media conference and then after grand opening an open debate will take place with artists and art lovers including journalists of various media covering cultural events (electronic and written media).



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