Dear all, followers of my blog

I have  really good news which i want to share with you.
I am awarded with honorary FIAP award for my “ats” photography collection, to be precise for one part of that collection and I also received an award as the best author of this year’s ” Sterijino pozorje” triennial, 14th International Triennial Exhibition “Theatre in Photographic Arts”,
“ats” with its working title is an ongoing collection/process with tendency to be finished in near future. It is being created in specific environment and shooting conditions presenting emotions after play is finished. More about this photography collection will be posted sometime later in near future.
DECISION From the session of the Panel of Judges of the 14th International Triennial Exhibition ‘Theatre in the Photographic Arts‘ held on 23rd April, 2014 on the premises of Sterijino pozorje.
The international Panel of Judges whose members are: Karl FORSTER, art photographer, Germany, Chairman, Ksenija KRNAJSKI, director, Serbia and Miroslav PREDOJEVIĆ, master of photography, Photo Association of Serbia – have reviewed 459 photographs submitted for the Exhibition by 131 artists from 22 countries.
A big thanks goes to actors for their patience and cooperation, to Montenegrin National theatre, to Ivan Djokovic for his assistance all this time and to the organizers for the invitation to participate.

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