barvale in zagreb

The office for Human Rights and Rights of National Minorities ol the covernment of the

Republic of Croatia is organising the round table “Human Rights Day: Go beyond prejudice.

meet the Roma”. The round table wilf take place on December lOth 2012. tiom I 1.00 am till

13.00 pm in the “Bogdan Ogrizovic’, I.ibrary, Zagreb, Croatia, and it will also serve as rhe

opening of the Barvale exhibition in Croatia. The exhibition of artworks is envisaged to

take place in both venues: ” Bogdan agrizovic” Library, and the Europa cinema hall. since tlre

event will be linked to the Human Rights Day and the Human Rights Film Festival held in

Zagreb from December 8 until Decerpber 14,2012.

in cocoperation with coucnil of europe

author dusko miljanic


ivan djokovic

barvale mail invitationphoto photo1 photo2 photo3

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