Award for photography

New award for film “According to DavID”, festival in Skopje Golden Wheel 2012, award for photography!!!

1. Music: Ambra’s life (Italy, 2009) Nuove Tribu Zulu,

2. Photography: According to David (Montenegro, 2012) Dusko Miljanic- Ivan Gjokovic

3. Screenplay: My beloved Sulukule (Turkey, 2010) Nejla Oseiran

4. Director: Three cents (Austria-Bulgaria, 2004) Uli Gladik

5. Documentary movie: Rubber Mallet (Hungary, 2010) Screenplay: Koszegi Edit-Suranyi Andras; Director: Koszegi Edit; Producer: Veszi Janos

6. Grand Prix: Women (re) present (The Czech Republic, 2011) Director: Marketa Neslehova; Producer: Jelena Silajdzic- Jakub Cervenka

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