Super Night Shot je magično noćno putovanje kroz ulice. Puno neočekivanih iznenađenja, u kojim publika postaje zvijezda filma. Performans grupe Gob Squad Super Night Shot pokušava da uzdigne banalnost svakodnevice do glamura i sjaja na velikom ekranu blokbastera.

I would like to thank the full crew of Montenegrin National theater and acting ensemble. It is a privilege working with you and participating in creation of art works. A big thanks to all of you.To photograph: it is to put on the same line of sight the head, the eye and the heart
henry cartier bresson

In my opinion it is not enough to shoot a directed scene, you simply need to add something else…I want to get a photo which shows the essence of actors feelings, than to receive the same impulse inside me and further more to share it with the audience.

Entire show must be contained in just one photo which is hard to achieve but challenging.

Everything else is part of documenting process and i am just one piece of it…

veliko HVALA svima

dusko m

_DM49343 _DM49345-2


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